The Complete JavaScript-in-FileMaker Course

Learn to harness the power of JavaScript in your apps to solve use cases for your clients. And have some fun along the way. I promise. It will be fun.

Course Overview

This intense course will give you everything you need to know about working with JavaScript in Claris FileMaker Pro. Check out all that you will experience.

What You will Learn

The basics of The JavaScript language

You do not need to learn all of the language to be effective in FileMaker. We will cover the basics of the language and how to use it in FileMaker.

How to work with JavaScript libraries

JS libraries all follow certain patterns. We will identify those and use them to decipher how to set up a library to use.

All about the web viewer

We will wrestle with the web viewer and learn its quirks and how to use it to our advantage.

How to send data to & from FileMaker

Create a round-trip communication process between your data and the JS inside the web viewer.

What You will Get

Live coaching

Schedule a 15-minute call with me (Jeremy) to get your questions answered and to get you through the course.

A community of other Claris FileMaker developers

Ask questions of the others taking the course and see how they got through a section.

Live events

Come and participate in the weekly Show & Tell to show off what you have been working on.

Expertise in the most efficient way to write JS for FileMaker.

By the time you're finished, you will be able to just write JS and not worry about how it will work in FileMaker.


After you complete the course, you can get up to two hours of one-on-one coaching time as you take what we have learned and apply it to your first real-world app.

After attending his JavaScript in FileMaker DevCon sessions for years, we were thrilled to discover that Jeremy had begun a training course to help bring his knowledge to the community and jumped on the chance to participate.

Through his interactive course, Jeremy has been a true guide for the Kyo Logic team in our quest to best integrate web and JavaScript functions into FileMaker. In his course, Jeremy will teach you everything you need to know from the best ways to integrate JavaScript into your FileMaker database, to how to take any JavaScript library and utilize it in FileMaker, to how to manipulate your data and code in JavaScript to get exactly what you need out of it.

Jeremy's training course has been a home run for Kyo Logic and I would highly recommend for all FileMaker Developers to take his course.

Justin Hessler

President | Kyo Logic, LLC

All the info and Sign up

There are many sessions happening, and soon! Join us and learn how to use JavaScript in FileMaker Pro.

Choose a Type of Course

ONE NOTE: Feel free to purchase either course, but before you begin, be sure and check out the FREE Getting Started with the JS Dev Environment course. Go through that and make sure you have the tools you need to get started.

1. On Demand Schedule

With this option, you choose when you want to start the course. You walk through the videos and the notes provided, and you get help as you need. This one is all about your schedule.

But do not worry. You will not be doing this alone. The community of folks also talking this course can join you and answer the questions you have and help you get unstuck.

Purchase the course and get going when you want!

The JS-in-FM Course Live!

Prefer to have a seat at the table with others in a live session? Choose from one of these events and join me (Jeremy) and 2-5 other people as we explore the topics in the course. You will get to ask questions and get help as you need it.

You have two choices for this type of course: the Binge or Relax type. These types only differ in the duration of each class (1.5 hours for the Relax types and 3 hours for each Binge course type) and the number of times we meet. The content is the same.

Choose the best cohort for your schedule.