Day Four

slug: day-four title: Day Four date: "2021-12-04" description: The business is defining me. I'm defining the business. authors: jb image: tags: [integrating magic, business, moving right along]

Always on my mind

I’m astounded by how much my mind thinks about this business. I consider every tangible and conceptual part of what I’m doing. Not only do I need to so that I survive, but I’m excited about all that I have/get to do to create and run Integrating Magic. My mind goes 100 miles per hour thinking of all that I might want to do under this brand. Day 4 hit home one essential part of what I’m doing.

During this honeymoon phase, people have been wishing me well. And I appreciate that. They all express the sentiment that I’ll be a success.

I started to think about what that meant for me. Indeed, my vision was clear, and I feel a vital purpose in everything I’m doing, but I hadn’t considered a success metric. So, while walking the dogs, I let my mind roll over what that meant.

I’ll probably write this up in more detail in a later post, but I think my measure of success is how much more I’m able to contribute in this Claris FileMaker space. Yes, I would like to have a business that brings in enough to be comfortable, but I want to lead more people to use JS in FileMaker. I want to evangelize the platform in general and bring more magic to apps built in the platform.

With that metric in mind, I am looking at all I’m doing, all I’m setting up and wanting to spend money on, to see if those services or apps or time sinks lead me towards my definition of success.

During the business parts of today, I explored payroll services. I looked at ADP, Gusto, and the accountant yesterday to see which service would work. Since I’m the only employee, I have to pay myself. It seems like using some sort of payroll service is the right way to go.

On that note, It occurs to me that I need to start writing down all the services I’m buying or considering to make sure I know my monthly expenses. Details, right? :)

I’m beginning to take meetings about work that I can do for individuals. It’s a fun challenge to refine what I say to allow people to see the value in what I provide. I know I can provide value; I need to make sure that’s clear.

Anyway, it’s now the weekend. I’ll still be working, but it will be sporadic throughout the days.

Magically yours,